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Student Hub Africa a fast growing digital community for Higher Education (HE) students in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa and is driven by student and graduate collaboration. We ask you to complete very quick surveys that enable us to generate sector wide Student Satisfaction Reports. We will also soon roll out our innovative Country Wide Alumni Networks that will support enhanced student and graduate engagement and collaboration.

Why Student Hub Africa?

The number of students in Higher Education (HE) in Kenya has doubled since 2012 with some 440,000 current university students and a further 150,000 attending TVETs. The HE sector is expanding quickly in Nigeria and South Africa as well and yet as in Kenya there is a critical lack of publicly available information relating to the relative quality of education across institutions and courses. With your help we will  generate comprehensive ongoing Student Satisfaction Reports in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses across the HE sectors in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Student Hub Africa 100% student focused . Our free Student Collaboration Platform supports student feedback via very short and 100% anonymous student surveys. We process this data to generate, for the very first time, student satisfaction data that highlights the perceived quality of HE education across a number of key metrics.

We recently published the 2017 Kenyan Higher Education Student Satisfaction Report, which identified a number of interesting sector wide strengths and weaknesses.

We are a UK company and hope to replicate the success and positive impact of the UK’s National Student Surveys www.thestudentsurvey.com

If you are at University or Technical College in Nigeria or are a recent graduate then please register for free and complete our very short online or in App survey.  We hope to secure feedback from tens of thousands of students and graduates.  All individual feedback is and will forever remain 100% anonymous. We will never share individual response data. In April 2018 we will also launch our South African HE Student Satisfaction Survey.

Users who complete surveys will gain access to our free  Student Satisfaction Reports. Register here to collaborate with other students in order highlight positive and negative sentiment relating a number of key performance factors across the HE sector.

4 Key Benefits for Student Hub Africa Free Community Members

We generate a FREE sector wide Student Satisfaction Report highlighting strengths and weaknesses across the HE sector in Nigeria, very similar to our existing 2017 Kenyan Student Satisfaction Report (published in December 2017).

How satisfied are you with your overall quality of education? We ask you 18 questions and provide you with the findings as driven by survey responses from thousands of fellow students.

Register here for FREE and take two minutes to complete our survey. All survey responses remain 100% anonymous.

In due course we will provide more detailed reports and rankings broken down by Quality of Teaching, Quality of Facilities, Quality or Dormitories, Quality of Careers Advice,  Safety, Value for Money and other elements.

These Premium Reports may be of particular value to School Leavers and final year school attendees. These Reports will provide a detailed insight into the perceived quality and ranking of HE across Universities and TVETs and highlight satisfaction by course.

We will be working with a number of UK and other international agencies and Universities in order to promote selected Further Education opportunities including Overseas Residential and Distance Learning courses (MBA, BSc, MA etc.)

Registered users will be kept informed about selected opportunities, discounts and potential funding opportunities.

In early 2018 we will launch a  Kenya wide Student and Graduate Alumni Network focused on collaboration, internship matching, graduate employment and careers advice. Later in 2018 we will launch similar Country Wide Alumni Networks in Nigeria and in South Africa.

Registered members will be kept updated about this and all other services and member discounts and benefits.