School Leavers

We welcome registrations from those in their final years as school and school leavers. Please register and we will keep you informed about reports and student satisfaction data and reports relating to both the University and Technical College sectors.

We have now published the 2017 Kenyan Student Satisfaction Report based on survey feedback from existing Higher Education students in Kenya who have rated the perceived quality of their HIgher Education across a number of key metrics. Please register in order to view the free report.

In the first half of 2018 we will also be launching student survey activities in Nigeria and then also in South Africa in order to generate sector wide HE Student Satisfaction Reports relevant to each country.

Please see Reports and Surveys for more information.

Users who complete surveys will gain access to our free  Student Satisfaction Reports. Register here to collaborate with other students in order highlight positive and negative sentiment relating a number of key performance factors across the HE sector.

In time we hope to generate Premium Reports which will provide more detail and rankings broken down by Quality of Teaching, Quality of Facilities, Quality or Dormitories, Quality of Careers Advice,  Safety, Value for Money and other elements.

The Premium Reports may be of particular value to School Leavers and final year school attendees. These Reports will provide a detailed insight into the perceived quality and ranking of HE across Universities and Technical Colleges and highlight satisfaction by course.